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UCI among happiest universities

Student and staff insight on why UCI is ranked 16th in The Daily Beast's "100 Happiest Colleges" list.


'Eater bros

An article published in UCI's online magazine, ZotZine, about Rameen and his brother, Shauhin, about growing up and becoming Anteaters for life together.


3 Steps to Take if Your College Student Fails a Class

Rameen gives advice to guardians about how to handle the situation when their student fails a class in this article by U.S. News and World Report.


Dean Talesh Wants YOU to Get Involved

Dean Talesh discusses the importance of getting involved, along with insight based on his personal experience being a UCI student leader.


SPOP 2019

Incoming freshemen and their parents undergo an intensive but fun two-day orientation process.  Read this article for thoughts by Dean Talesh.

Student Life & Leadership

How to Zot!

Rameen Fulfills Promise for Education Pledge

Rameen at Rams Training Camp

UCI Stories featuring Talesh Brothers

Dean Rameen sings the story of the Anteater to the tune of Hamilton