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About the Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is the executive branch of the Student Life & Leadership family of departments in Student Affairs.  We actively advocate for students and student interests, and we support them through our centers, programs, and services.  We also serve as liasons to help ensure open lines of communication and mutual understanding between students and the university.

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Julie Song

Julie Song

Project & Policy Analyst

Julie joined the Student Life & Leadership family in May 2013. As the Project & Policy Analyst, she works closely with Dean Rameen Talesh on various projects and Associate Dean Sherwynn Umali on large programming: All-U Leadership Conference and Anteater Family Weekend. Prior to this position, Julie worked in the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs office. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from UC Irvine in 2006.

Miguel Hernandez

Dr. Miguel Hernández

Associate Dean of Students

¡Saludos! It is an honor to serve as one of your Associate Deans and support a phenomenal team in Student Life & Leadership. My focus is to partner with students, staff, and community members to think, learn, and create together toward building a more just and equitable future for all. Excited to welcome you to UCI!

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Rameen Talesh

Dr. Rameen Talesh

Dean of Students
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Rameen joined the Student Life & Leadership family in October 2006.  As the Dean of Students and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life & Leadership, Rameen oversees all the departments in Student Life & Leadership.  He is also commonly known as the Fist-Bump Dean on campus.

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Sherwynn Umali

Sherwynn Umali

Associate Dean of Students

Hello! I am very happy to serve as the Associate Dean of Students to a tremendously hard working and energetic staff team. Our goal of providing opportunities and resources to students is made easier because UCI students are beyond impressive—they are intellectually curious, care about service to others, use their voices, and have a drive to develop themselves as leaders. I look forward to being a part of our students’ college journey!

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Stephanie N. Van Ginkel

Stephanie N. Van Ginkel

Associate Dean of Students
Executive Director, Student Government Student Media

Hello all! I am humbled to represent the students and professional team of Student Government Student Media (SGSM) as the Executive Director & Associate Dean of Students. The mission of SGSM is to represent the interests of the student body through initiatives, programs, and services that enrich students’ lives. Every day, our team works alongside our students - your student representatives, to help them meet their goals and become the best leader they can truly be, not only to others, but to themselves. We are honored to be a part of their life's journey and experience at UC Irvine.

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